Sylvia Mund

Sylvia Mund , singer,guitarist and songwriter : born in Germany but spent most of her life in Paris, France. 

Her parents, both worked as sound ingeneers and loved the latin culture and music what she inheritated very early.
She first was especially attracted to the perunvian and andean music and then discovered the multitude and richness of Latin American music.

When she was 16 she founded her first group in Germany.

Then moved to France where she participated in many different projects (rock, funk, blues…) and accomagnied some famous french bands as a singer and guitarist and has been working as a voice over (she still does).

In 2016 she came back to her first love : latin music.In her first EP she rearranged some old german cabaret songs with cuban rhythms.

Concerts in France, Germany, Switzerland and in 2019 in Lima, Peru with a german spanish repertory set up with peruvian musicians.

Then, in 2021, started the project YÛMA togehter with Liuber Martinez.

Liuber Martinez, trombonist and dancer, born in Holguin, Cuba and arrived in France in 2018.

In 2007 he graduated at the conservatory of Holguin / Cuba where he was part of the National Grand Orchestra. Very versatile he plays all stylles of music but specializes in cuban traditional music (Son Cubano) and Salsa.
 In 2012 he moved to Havana where he participated in many diffrent projects, bands and recordings.

In France,  he plays with different groups and recorded with French Artists like Florent Motte, Laroche Valmont….

In 2021 he created the project YÛMA together with Sylvia.

They released their first song, Amercia pero Latina, at the end of 2022, une fusion de Reggeaton and Cumbia (Cumbiaton), evoking the mysticism of the Andes.

Last release : Soy Reina (Reggeaton)

Liuber Martinez

He was born in Cuba, in Holguin, in a family of Haitian origin very fond of Voodoo. Here, at a very young age, he became the first ceremonial drummer.

A few years later he founded the Haitian folkloric group Boukman Vand Inoza, which today is the main Haitian traditional group in Cuba.

At the age of 11 he entered the national boxing school in Holguin, where he trained every day for 7 years and regularly participated in fights.
At the same time, he played percussion in several Cuban music groups.

Musician at heart, at the age of 18 he decided to enter the Conservatory of Holguin, where he studied the euphonium and trombone for 4 years.

At the age of 24 he moved to Havana, where he played with renowned groups and musicians such as violinist Alfredo de la Fé, Beni Moré, Reuilito, Selina Gonzalez’s son and others.

He recorded with several Cuban artists, specializing in Cuban son and salsa, and became a reference for traditional Cuban trombonists.

In 2018 he took off the pays and moved to France.
Here he plays with several Cuban music and salsa groups.

He has also recorded with French artists such as Florent Motte and Laroche Valmot, and participated in their music videos.

In 2021 he meets Sylvia Mund and together they create the YÛMA project.

He participated to the recordings of the two songs together America pero Latina and Sory Reina, as well as to the video clips.